Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

At PCU, our highest priority is to keep your children and your family HEALTHY and SAFE.

We have now seen increased number of positive cases of the Corona Covid-19 virus in our state, including a few cases now in Raleigh County. Thankfully, we have not had any significant community spread in our area.

We are continuing to monitor the situation daily and are continuing with the temporary changes in our office.

We have removed all toys and books from both the Waiting Room and the Exam Rooms to decrease the chances of contamination. Please have your children bring one of their own books or toys with them to their appointment.

Our staff has been instructed to strictly triage patients for symptoms and the possibility of any travel or other exposures to the Corona Virus PRIOR to making an appointment. If there has been any possibility of exposure, you will be given instructions and advice as to how we can best care for your child at this time. This may include things such as recommendations to stay at home and how to best care for your child....or how to obtain any necessary care if the child needs to be seen and evaluated.

Prior to your arrival at the office, we are asking ALL patients to complete the Pre-Check In on their computer, tablet or phone. We are NOT allowing anyone to remain in the Waiting Room at this time. Patients will be immediately escorted back to an Exam Room in order to minimize ALL contact between patients.

If you would feel even more comfortable, you may call us from your car when you arrive in the parking lot to let us know you are here, and we will then give you a call back when we are ready to place you in an Exam Room.

We have also temporarily suspended ALL WALK-IN Visits so that we can monitor who is coming into the office and what problems they might be experiencing. Please give us a call to schedule an appointment if you believe your child needs to be seen.

We are asking ALL children to be accompanied by ONLY ONE adult and that all other children and family members remain at home or in the car with another adult.

We have designated certain Exam Rooms for all Well Child Visits and others are being utilized only for Sick Visits. Although we have always cleaned and sanitized our rooms and office, we have instituted even stricter cleaning protocols to sanitize the Exam Rooms after visits.

All staff have been instructed in proper handwashing and infection control. Masks and other protective equipment will be utilized as needed.

And Please Note: WE ARE HERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN during this stressful time. For any questions or concerns, give our office a call and we will be glad to assist you in the best way possible!!

With all of the news and social media coverage, even our kids can become overwhelmed and stressed out. We want to be able to reassure them and you that we are protecting them to the best of our ability....and that yes, this will eventually subside.

Lastly, we do ENCOURAGE everyone to continue to KEEP your Routine Well Child Visits. Your children are still growing and developing and we want to continue to make sure that they are staying healthy. Your children still NEED their immunizations to keep them from possibly contracting other diseases that may be much worse for kids. And as noted above, we are keeping ALL well visits completely separate from any sick children.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to care for your children!!

And remember....GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!

Check out for lots of information about Coronavirus and how it can affect children.