Coronavirus COVID-19 Information (Updated 05-13-21)

At PCU, our highest priority is to keep your children and your family HEALTHY and SAFE.

We are so thankful that the COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to slow and that many have now received one or both of the COVID Vaccines!!  Therefore, we are beginning to gradually return to more normal operations at our office and are lifting some of our restrictions.

Our staff will continue to triage patients for symptoms of or exposure to the Corona Virus PRIOR to making an appointment.  If someone in the home has recently tested positive for Coronavirus and is still in their isolation or quarantine period, we are still unable to see the child at this time.  If your child is sick, please call the office and we will be able to give you advice as to what is best.  This may include things such as recommendations to stay at home and how to best care for your child....or how to obtain any necessary care if the child needs to be seen and evaluated.

Prior to your arrival at the office, we are asking ALL patients to complete the Pre-Check In on their computer, tablet or phone.  This will save you much time as you will be ready to be seen once you arrive at the office.  If you have not completed the electronic Pre-Check In before you arrive, and you are here for a Sick Visit, you will be asked to complete this on your phone from your vehicle.

The CDC has stated that all evidence shows it is EXTREMELY RARE to contract COVID-19 through contact with surfaces.  Therefore, as we gradually lift some restrictions, we are opening our Waiting Room again, but ONLY for Well Visits initially.  We have also returned magazines in the Waiting Room and toys in the Well Exam Rooms.  And the kids' favorite.....STICKERS.....have returned as well!!

For any Sick Visits, we still ask that you call/text the office when you arrive in our parking lot, and we will then give you a call or text back when we have an Exam Room ready.

We will continue to designate certain Exam Rooms for all Well Child Visits and while other rooms are being utilized only for Sick Visits. We also will continue to clean and sanitiz our rooms and office,

All staff have been instructed in proper handwashing and infection control. Everyone will continue to be asked to wear their masks in accordance with the Governor's orders which hopefully will soon be lifted.

Please Note: WE ARE HERE FOR YOUR CHILDREN during this stressful time.  For any questions or concerns, give our office a call and we will be glad to assist you in the best way possible!!  

With all of the news and social media coverage, even our kids can become overwhelmed and stressed out. We want to be able to reassure them and you that we are protecting them to the best of our ability....and that, yes, things are continuing to improve and are returning more to normal!

Lastly, we do ENCOURAGE everyone to continue to KEEP your Routine Well Child Visits. Your children are still growing and developing and we want to continue to make sure that they are staying healthy. Your children still NEED their immunizations to keep them from possibly contracting other diseases that may be much worse for kids. And as noted above, we are keeping ALL well visits completely separate from any sick children.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to care for your children!!

And remember....GOD IS STILL IN CONTROL!

Here is information on Kids and Masks and some tips to help your children Overcome Anxiety About Masks.

Click here for our Office Policy regarding Mask Exemptions


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