Telehealth Patient Instructions

1. You will receive a text or an Secure Message email from our office based on your preference. This text or email will contain
the url website address that you will need to navigate to on your prefered internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari).

In the Text: Simply click on the link provided.

In the Secure Message: Click on the link to My Health Record to log onto your Greenway Patient Portal Account to receive
your message. After logging in to My Health Record, choose the "Messages" tab in the top menu.
You will then need to copy the link provided and paste it into your preferred internet browser.

2. You will now be on the Telehealth Registration Page. Enter the Patient's First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth. Then
click the "Check In" Box.

3. You will automatically be taken to the Virtual Waiting Room. You should see a "Welcome" message and instructions that
"Your Provider will be with you shortly." Do not leave or refresh this page. It may take the Provider a short while to log
into the visit.

4. Alternatively, you may copy this link and paste it into your preferred internet browser or simply click on the link here: